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Stereophonics - 2003-10-09 - Paris, France

Una de las mejores bandas de los últimos tiempos. Dignos hijos de Oasis (pero mas Rockeros). A mi entender nunca tuvieron el reconocimiento que se merecen. En el 2003 estaban pasando por su mejor momento musical, con 4 discazos al hombro y con una gran big band que acompañaba al trio original y le daba un sonido bien rockero. En honor al batero, Stuart Cable, que se acaba de morir (1970-2010). Era un groso en serio.

Stereophonics - 2003-10-09 - Paris, France

01. High As The Ceiling
02. Madame Helga
03. Mr Writer
04. Vegas Two Times
05. You Stole My Money Honey
06. Step On My Old Size Nines
07. Maybe
08. The Bartender And The Thief
09. I Wouldnt Believe Your Radio
10. Just Looking
11. Local Boy In The Photograph
12. Rooftop
13. Climbing The Wall
14. Handbags and Gladrags
15. Traffic
16. Jealousy
17. Plastic California
18. Nothing Precious At All
19. Since I Told You It's Over
20. Have A Nice Day
21. Maybe Tomorrow
22. I'm Alright
23. I Miss You Now
24. Help Me (She's Out Of Her Mind)

Part 01

Part 02

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Anónimo dijo...

Damn...didn't even know that Stuart is dead...
But it looks like I missed this show again, rapidshare is surely quick to delete it. Maybe You'd put it on mediafire someday or maybe it's just not meant for me... ;)