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Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash - Sessions 1969

This is hardly making it's Internet bootleg debut here, however the Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash sessions from 1969, remain elusive for many collectors, and I am happy to do my bit to help.

The often asked question regarding these sessions is, why have they never been officially released ?

The musically historical importance, audio quality, and perhaps the actual performances themselves, make that a reasonable question, however in all honesty forty years on, the 'cats out of the bag' if you get my drift?

The contents of the sessions are detailed in track lists below, if you have just passing interest in either of these two artists, I would suggest that the recordings are well worth a listen.

Source: Taken from an early generation silver CD.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo soundboard, studio and auditorium.

Genre: In all fairness Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash will suffice.

Track List:

BS studios, Nashville, TN, USA - February 17th -18th, 1969.

01 Good Ol' Mountain Dew (Lunsford / Wiseman)
02 I Still Miss Someone (J Cash / Roy Cash)
03 Careless Love (Trad)
04 Matchbox (Carl Perkins)
05 That's Alright Mama (A. Crudup)
06 Big River (J Cash)
07 Girl Of The North Country
08 I Walk The Line (J Cash)
09 You Are My Sunshine (Davis / Mitchell)
10 Ring Of Fire (Carter / Kilgore)
11 Guess Things Happen That Way (Clement)
12 Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Trad)
13 Blue Yodel #1 (T for Texas) (J Rodgers)
14 Blue Yodel #2 (J Rodgers)

Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN May 1st, 1969.

15 I Threw It All Away
16 Living The Blues
17 Girl Of The North Country

Nashville Skyline Quadraphonic Mixes.

18 Nashville Skyline Rag
19 I Threw It All Away
20 Peggy Day
21 Country Pie
22 Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You

Unknown source - not on all bootleg versions.

23 One Too Many Mornings (1)
24 One Too Many Mornings (2)


Comments: The very thorough Bobs Boots site had the following to say regarding this material.

'The outtakes are great fidelity studio recordings, but the performances are very loose, first time trys. This is a 'must-have' disc for historical reasons, but it will probably not be one that you will want to play every day'.

That is a reasonable summary, however I played a few tracks again earlier today, and my first thought as I went on to other matters (work as it happens), was I must listen to this all the way through again!

The studio sessions were of course linked to Bob Dylan's work on his ninth 9th proper studio album 'Nashville Skyline'.

Quoting wikipedia verbatim:

When sessions resumed on February 17, "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" was the primary focus, and a master take was selected from a total of eleven takes. An instrumental, titled "Nashville Skyline Rag", was also recorded at the beginning of the session, and it was later included on the album.

Sometime during that session, country legend Johnny Cash stopped by to visit. A friend and label-mate of Dylan's as well as an early supporter of his music, Cash had been recording next door with his own band. The two wound up recording a series of duets, covering Dylan's "One Too Many Mornings" and "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" as well as Cash's own "I Still Miss Someone." None of these were deemed usable, but Cash returned the following day to record more duets.

The session on February 18 was devoted exclusively to duet covers with Cash. "One Too Many Mornings" and "I Still Miss Someone" were revisited, and rejected, yet again. "Matchbox", "That's All Right Mama", "Mystery Train", "Big River", "I Walk the Line", and "Guess Things Happen That Way", all made famous by celebrated Sun recordings performed by Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and Cash himself, were all attempted on February 18, but none of these were deemed usable. Covers of Jimmie Rodgers' "Blue Yodel #1" and "#5", Cash's "Ring of Fire" (written by his wife, June Carter and Merle Kilgore), "You Are My Sunshine", "Mountain Dew", the traditional ballad "Careless Love", the traditional hymn "Just A Closer Walk With Thee", "How High The Water", and "Wanted Man" (a song written by Dylan specifically for Cash) were also attempted, and all were rejected. There was little enthusiasm for any of these tracks, but one duet of Dylan's, "Girl From The North Country" (which originally appeared on The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan), was ultimately sequenced as the album's opener.

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Deep Purple: In Rock [25 Anniversary]

Lista de Canciones:
1- Speed King – 5:49
2- Bloodsucker – 4:10
3- Child in Time – 10:14
4- Flight of the Rat – 7:51
5- Into the Fire – 3:28
6- Living Wreck – 4:27
7- Hard Lovin' Man – 7:11

25th Anniversary Bonus Tracks

8- Black Night (original single version) – 3:27
9- Studio Chat (1) – 0:28
10- Speed King (piano version) – 4:14
11- Studio Chat (2) – 0:25
12- Cry Free (Roger Glover Remix) – 3:20
13- Studio Chat (3) – 0:05
14- Jam Stew (Unreleased instrumental) – 2:30
15- Studio Chat (4) – 0:40
16- Flight of the Rat (Roger Glover remix) – 7:53
17- Studio Chat (5) – 0:31
18- Speed King (Roger Glover remix) – 5:52
19- Studio Chat (6) – 0:23
20- Black Night (Unedited Roger Glover remix) – 4:47

pass: ellobocaido

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War Child presents Heroes (2009)

El 16 de febrero se publicó Heroes, el álbum más importante lanzado hasta hoy por la organización humanitaria War Child. Heroes reúne a una serie de grandes artistas de la música en una colaboración sin precedentes y que trabaja con una idea que refleja uno de los esfuerzos básicos de War Child en todo el mundo: Dar esperanza a la nuevas generaciones, protección a los niños más marginados que residen en zonas de guerra para que no queden ignorados. Niños de la calle, niños soldado, niños en prisión… Parlophone (el sello que edita el álbum) donará todos los beneficios generados por el disco a esta causa.

El concepto de Heroes consiste en que grandes leyendas de la música como Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Brian Wilson o The Clash, entre otros, seleccionan alguno de los temas clásicos de su repertorio de los que poseen los derechos de autor, y eligen a un artista de la siguiente generación para crear una versión actual de ese clásico. El álbum completo de War Child es de una gran diversidad, unido por la aportación de los gigantes musicales de diferentes generaciones. El contenido de Heroes es el siguiente:

01. Beck - Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (Bob Dylan)
02. Scissor Sisters - Do To Strand (Roxy Music)
03. Lily Allen y Mick Jones - Straight To Hell (The Clash)
04. Duffy - Live And Let Die (Paul McCartney)
05. Elbow - Running To Stand Still (U2)
06. TV On The Radio - Heroes (David Bowie)
07. Hot Chip - Transmission (Joy Division)
08. The Kooks - Victoria (The Kinks)
09. Estelle - Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
10. Rufus Wainwright - Wonderful/Song For Children (Brian Wilson)
11. Peaches - Search An Destroy (Iggy Pop)
12. The Hold Steady - Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen)
13. The Like - You Belong To Me (Elvis Costello)
14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (The Ramones)
15. Franz Ferdinand - Call Me (Blondie)

133 mb
320 kbps

link & info:

Texas - Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1989.

Considering Texas only formed in 1986, and made their live debut in March 1988, by the time of this concert in June 1989, they sounded very polished and professional, having already scored a top ten hit in the UK and parts of Europe.

Was it really twenty years ago ?

This concert was performed at The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland on the 12th June 1989.

Many of their tour dates were bootlegged at this time, this concert circulated as 'First Dive' on CD, but did not include the full set.

Source: The concert was recorded by Dutch radio and broadcast at a later date.

Sound Quality: Very good FM Stereo rip @ 320kbps.

Genre: Indie Pop to Indie Rock.

Set: Majority of live concert (last track fades out).

Set List:

1.Fool for love.
2.Everyday now.
3.I don't want a lover.
4.Nowhere left to hide.
5.Fight the feeling.
6.Future is promises.
7.Tell me why ?
8.Livin' for the city.
9.A prayer for you.
10.I can't get next to you.
12.It hurts me too. (edited fade out).

Comments: This is a really good recording of a very good performance. Texas went on to well deserved popularity and success, and a large part of that is down to just how good they are live in concert.

I have no details regarding the actual FM broadcast of this show, the sound quality does however, suggest it was captured on excellent audio equipment.


Part One:

Part Two:

Izzy Stradlin & the Ju Ju Hounds (1992)


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Noel Gallagher - The Dreams We Have As Children (2009)

The Sunday Times free CD on Sunday 15th March:

1. Fade Away
2. Listen Up
3. Half The World Away
4. The Butterfly Collector
5. All You Need Is Love
6. Don't Go Away
7. Sad Song
8. Wonderwall
9. Slide Away
10. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
11. Married With Children



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Whitesnake - Monsters of Rock (Donington 1990)

Aporto Parmenides.Dedicado a Clara

Concierto de los Whitesnake en su gira del 1990 del álbum Slip of The Tongue, con Steve Vai tb en la banda. Espero que lo disfruteis

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Los Natas - Delmar

01 - Samurai
02 - 1980
03 - Trilogia
04 - I Love You
05 - Soma
06 - Natas - Muxcortoi
07 - Natas - Del Mar
08 - Windblows
09 - Negro
10 - Alberto Migre


...:: "Las maravillas de la vida se nos escapan por la cómoda trampa de la rutina." ::...

Foo Fighters - Quiet Before The Storm 2009

In Your Honor
All My Life
Times Like These
My Hero
Best Of You
Tired Of You
Up In Arms
Learn To Fly
The One
Stacked Actors
Monkey Wrench

Download aqui

The Jeff Healey Band - - - The Very Best



Rainbow - - - Finyl Vinyl Live



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Lauren Harris - Calm Before The Storm (2008)

La hija de Steve Harris, bajista de Iron Maiden, saco un disco pop/rock. Saquen sus propias conclusiones, y si no, va directo a la papelera! PD. Nada que ver a Iron Maiden, nada!


01. Steal Your Fire
02. Your Turn
03. Get Over It
04. Like It Or Not
05. From The Bottom To The Top
06. Let Us Be
07. Hurry Up
08. Come On Over
09. Hit Or Miss
10. See Through
11. You Say
12. Natural Thing (UFO cover) (bonus track)





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The Rebel Pebbles - Girls Talk (1991)

1. Dream Lover
2. How Do You Feel?
3. Girls Talk
4. Anthony's Attic
5. Toy Soldier
6. No More Crying
7. Groovy Love
8. Without You
9. Eskimo And Butterfly
10. Elaphant's Revenge
11. Wild Weekend

Download aqui

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AC/DC - Let There Be Rock - The Movie (1979)


1) Angus solo

2) Live Wire

3) Shot Down In Flames

4) Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be

5) Sin City

6) Walk All Over You

7) Bad Boy Boogie



1) The Jack

2) Highway To Hell

3) Girls Got Rhythm

4) High Voltage

5) Whole Lotta Rosie

6) Rocker

7) T.N.T.

8) Let There Be Rock


Recorded live in Paris (Pavillon de Paris) December 9th, 1979. This is taken from the original master tapes used for the movie "Let There Be Rock", including a track not in the movie, "T.N.T.", and the full version of "Walk All Over You" which was cut in the film. Mixed by Tony Platt.


Pappo - Bucando Un Amor (2003)

1- Ella es un angel
2-Buscando un amor
3-Rock and roll y fiebre
4-Juntos a la par
5-Mejor que vos
6-Yo te amo más
7-Banquero blues
8-Aquel gato
9-La barca
10-En los bares
12-Botas sucias
13-Trabajo forzado
15-Tributo a B.B.King
16-Trouble no more
17-Thrill is gone
18-Little Red Rooster
19-Killing floor
20-Rock me baby



Riff - Que Sea Rock (1997)

1- Que Sea Rock
2- No Obstante Lo Cual
3- Bienvenida A Mi Lado Oscuro
4- Lily Malone
5- Mala Noche
6- En La Ciudad Del Gran Rio
7- Es Tarde
8- Satiros Sueltos
9- Verguenza Ajena
10- Larga Distancia
11- En Un Harem De Agadir
12- Reza Duro
13- Tigre Hotel
14- Estamos Hartos



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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - - - Live From Mars




The Kinks - Everybody's In Show-Biz

The Kinks
"Everybody's In Show-Biz" [2003] [*]

01. Here Comes Another Day
02. Maximum Consumption
03. Unreal Reality
04. Hot Potatoes
05. Sitting In My Hotel
06. Motorway
07. You Don't Know My Name
08. Supersonic Rocket Ship
09. Look A Little On The Sunnyside
10. Celluloid Heroes
11. Top Of The Pops (Live)
12. Brainwashed (Live)
13. Mr. Wonderful (Live)
14. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (Live)
15. Holiday (Live)
16. Muswell Hillbilly (Live)
17. Alcohol (Live)
18. The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) (Live)
19. Skin & Bone (Live)
20. Baby Face (Live)
21. Lola (Live)
22. Till The End Of The Day (Remix) (Live) [#]
23. She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina (Remix) (Live) [#]

[*] Originally Released 1972
[#] Bonus Tracks

The Kinks - Everybody's In Show-Biz [2003]

Password: abcafterglow

Paul Weller - - - Catch-Flame! - Live At The Alexandra Palace

By abelaumann



1. The Weaver
2. Out Of the Sinking
3. Blink and You'll Miss It
4. Paper Smile
5. Peacock Suit
6. From the Floorboards Up
7. The Changingman
8. Savages
9. Going Places
10. Up In Suzie's Room
11. Porcelain Gods/I Walk On Guilded Splinters


1. In the Crowd
2. Come On/Let's Go
3. Foot of the Mountain
4. You Do Something to Me
5. Wishing On a Star
6. Wild Wood
7. The Pebble and the Boy
8. That's Entertainment
9. Broken Stones
10. Long Hot Summer
11. Shout To the Top
12. A Town Called Malice

Buckcherry - Discografia 1999-2008

Buckcherry se forman en Los Angeles en 1995. La banda graba dos álbumes entre 1999 y 2001 antes de disolverse en Verano de 2002. En 2005, Josh Todd (voz) y Keith Nelson (guitarra) agrupan una nueva banda bajo el nombre de Buckcherry y publican un nuevo disco en Abril de 2006 titulado 15.

Buckcherry (1999)
01 - Lit Up
02 - Crushed
03 - Dead Again
04 - Check Your Head
05 - Dirty Mind
06 - For The Movies
07 - Lawless And Lulu
08 - Related
09 - Borderline
10 - Get Back
11 - Baby
12 - Drink The Water

Time Bomb (2001)
01 - Front Side
02 - Ridin'
03 - Time Bomb
04 - Porn Star
05 - Place In The Sun
06 - Segue (Helpless)
07 - Underneath
08 - Slit My Wrists
09 - Whiskey In The Morning
10 - You
11 - Slamin'
12 - Fall

15 (2005)
01 - So Far
02 - Next 2 You
03 - Out Of Line
04 - Everything
05 - Carousel
06 - Sorry
07 - Crazy Bitch
08 - Onset
09 - Sunshine
10 - Brooklyn
11 - Broken Glass
12 - Back In The Day
13 - Pump It Up

Black Butterfly (2008)
01- Rescue Me
02- Tired Of You
03- Too Drunk
04- Dreams
05- Talk To Me
06- A Child Called It
07- Dont Go Away
08- Fallout
09- Rose
10- All Of Me
11- Imminent Bail Out
12- Cream

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Rod Stewart- Unplugged and...Seated- 1993

01- Hot legs
02- Tonight´s the night
03- Handbags and gladrags
04- Cut across shorty
05- Every pícture tells a story
06- Maggie may
07- Reason to believe
08- People get ready
09- Have i told you lately
10- Tom traubert´s blues (watzing matilda)
11- The fisrt cut is the deepest
12- amndolin wind
13- Highgate shuffle
14- Stay with me
15- having a party