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Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane . Mahoney's Last Stand

By Ser da Noite

Hospedagem: Celso Loos
Montagem: Ser da Noite

Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane (1976) Mahoney's Last Stand

Ron Wood - vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica
Ronnie Lane - vocals, guitar, bass, banjo, percussion
Pete Townshend - guitar, percussion
Rick Grech - bass, violin, drums
Benny Gallagher - bass
Kenney Jones - drums
Bruce Rowland - drums
Micky Waller - percussion
Ian McLagan - piano, harmonium, keyboards
Ian Stewart - piano, keyboards
Bobby Keys - saxophone
Jim Price - trumpet
Billy Nicholls - vocals
Glyn Johns - vocals

Track list:
1 Car Radio
2 Tonight's Number
3 From the Late to the Early
4 Chicken Wire
5 Chicken Wired
6 I'll Fly Away
7 Title One
8 Just for a Moment (instrumental)
9 'Mona' the Blues
10 Hey Tumble
11 Woody's Thing
12 Rooster Funeral
13 Just for a Moment
14 Insurance
15 Safety Pin Queen
16 Anymore for Anymore
17 C&W Number
18 My Fault

Download [SOA] [77MB]

Vendido como "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack", 'Mahoney's Last Stand', lançado em 1976, pela Atantic Records, reune os companheiro dos Faces, Ron Woody e Ronnie Lane, além de Rick Grech (Blind Faith, Traffic, Family), Kenney Jones (Faces, The Small Faces, The Who), Pete Townshend (The Who), Bobby Keys (Rolling Stones), Ian McLagan (Faces, The Small Faces), Bruce Rowland (Fairport Convention) e Ian Stewart (Rolling Stones).

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